Monitoring and IT solutions at Envipro

In our company, we are constantly looking for new solutions to offer through our services. During the pandemic, the need for projects involving segregated waste storage and handling has increased. One of the investments completed in 2020 related to the construction of a centralized management center for larger process facilities managed by the Envipro team.

Continuous monitoring and up-to-date IT solutions are part of everyday work with the various technological solutions introduced by Envipro, which provide new possibilities. In addition to ensuring the safety of data from our serviced facilities, our services also provide centralized control and management processes, ensuring a constant flow of information with minimal direct contact between employees.

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TaskLink application is a tool used for creating tasks and their ongoing control. With just a few clicks, employees can assign a new external task, and the concerned person is immediately notified of its specifics. Envipro utilizes TaskLink to systemize tasks related to the daily operations of the company. The application’s functionality supports system integration with management systems in use, providing unified task visibility according to set standards and facilitating communication with workers through SyncThreat, Microsoft Teams, Office365 Calendar, Google Calendar, and SMS notifications

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The WFMS application (an abbreviation for Waste Flow Management System) is a warehouse management program used by Envipro, which ensures the management of incoming, stored, and outgoing goods. Each new product is individually entered into the WFMS at the time of receipt, and its journey is tracked until it leaves the warehouse. The system provides detailed, up-to-date information about warehouse stock. Access is available only through the registry of entries, where there is a history of documents generated at the moment of reception of waste paper.

November 26, 2021