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proceduru niszczenia produktów pod nadzorem envipro

PROCEDURES FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF FINISHED GOODS UNDER SUPERVISION Envipro – Comprehensive brand protection destruction 1. TRANSPORT All products are transported in our own secured vehicles, equipped with the necessary documents. The transport is monitored in real time with GPS tracking. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized distribution of products with brand markings. 2. DESTRUCTION The destruction of products not meeting the trade mark standards is carried out under a full control process. Thanks to a reliable witness and an authorship verification system, we can guarantee that the products intended for destruction will not be reintroduced to the market. 3. UTILIZATION During the destruction of finished goods, we give priority to the maximum utilization of materials and raw materials. Our main goal is to provide known and highest quality raw materials to the leading companies in the recycling industry. ADVANTAGES OF THE SOLUTION COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE We provide comprehensive service of…

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SUMMARY OF THE PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM Łódź 27.04.2023r. We are grateful to all participants for the active participation and contribution to the discussions about the direction in which the paper and cellulose industry should develop. We are convinced that the integration of Partners from various sectors and the exchange of experiences will contribute to the positive changes in the paper-cellulose sector. We believe that the ecological and economic aspects can go hand in hand with the development of our industry! See you at the next events! With regards, Envipro Sp. z o.o. We invite you to watch the video report from the event: https://youtu.be/nbbein80cW4 PHOTO GALLERY: During the symposium, Łukasz Ratajczak emphasized the importance of reusing raw materials in the waste management economy. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the efficient systems offered by Followaste. Followaste features, among other things, a vital control system for the sourcing…

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Gazele Biznesu 2022 We have been recognized once again! Envipro Ltd. has been included in the prestigious Gazele Biznesu 2022 ranking.We are delighted that our longstanding operations and constant pursuit of ever-improving results have been acknowledged, guaranteeing our place among the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. January 30, 2022 Back to News

Obraz w tle - Monitoring i rozwiązania IT w Envipro

Monitoring and IT solutions at Envipro In our company, we are constantly looking for new solutions to offer through our services. During the pandemic, the need for projects involving segregated waste storage and handling has increased. One of the investments completed in 2020 related to the construction of a centralized management center for larger process facilities managed by the Envipro team. Continuous monitoring and up-to-date IT solutions are part of everyday work with the various technological solutions introduced by Envipro, which provide new possibilities. In addition to ensuring the safety of data from our serviced facilities, our services also provide centralized control and management processes, ensuring a constant flow of information with minimal direct contact between employees. TaskLink TaskLink application is a tool used for creating tasks and their ongoing control. With just a few clicks, employees can assign a new external task, and the concerned person is immediately notified…

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Kompleksowa obsługa gospodarki odpadami.

Kompleksowa obsługa gospodarki odpadami. Envipro specjalizuje się w kompleksowej obsłudze gospodarki odpadami o wysokim stopniu optymalizacji. Naszym klientom oferujemy szeroki zakres działań w ramach zarządzania odpadami. Rozwiązania techniczne zastosowane w realizacji usług dobrane są na podstawie naszego wieloletniego doświadczenia i fachowej wiedzy warunkując najwyższy poziom usług dostępnych na naszym rynku. Przygotowany przez nas krótki film przedstawia przykładowy przebieg zarządzania odpadami na terenie zakładu. Zachęcamy również do odwiedzenia podstrony Usługi i zapoznania się z pełną ofertą firmy. 21 listopada 2021 Wróć do aktualności!

Niszczenie produktow spozywczych w procedurze pelnego nadzoru

Destruction of food products in a fully supervised procedure. One of the most important services offered by Envipro is the professional destruction of food products with the application of a fully supervised procedure. Thanks to a well-established and innovative system, the entire process – from the collection and transport of the product to its final processing – is constantly monitored. We invite you to watch the animation that presents the process. November 21, 2021 Back to News

O funkcjonowaniu w czasach pandemii opowiada nasz prezes Wojciech Musiał.

Our President Wojciech Musiał talks about operating during the pandemic. An interview with our President, Wojciech Musiał, has been published on the Puls Biznesu website, in which he discusses the current activities of the companies, significant investments made, as well as their operations during the pandemic. Go to the article March 16, 2021 Back to News

Logotyp Gazele Biznesu 2020

Gazele Biznesu 2020 We have been doubly honored! Both companies – Envipro Technologie Środowiskowe and Envipro Terratech – have been included in the prestigious Gazele Biznesu 2020 ranking. We are pleased that our long-standing operations and constant pursuit of ever-better results have been recognized and have guaranteed us a place among the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. 20 stycznia 2021 Back to News

Projekt Pomologia – współpraca z firmą Envipro Terratech Sp. z o.o.

Pomology Project – collaboration with Envipro Terratech Ltd. We are pleased to inform you that we have started a cooperation with the Opole University! The International Research and Development Center will support ENVIPRO in research on enriching preparations for agriculture with by-products of the paper industry with microorganisms. We hope that thanks to this, we will soon be able to improve the operation of CARBOTERA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c9mPG4YJ9s 12 lutego 2020 Back to News

Papiernie mogą stać się źródłem surowca dla rolnictwa.

Paper mills may become a source of raw materials for agriculture. An article about the research program conducted by Envipro for improving soil quality using raw materials obtained during paper production has appeared on the Agropolska portal. We encourage you to read it. Go to the article March 25, 2019 Back to News